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To ensure the highest quality of our products, we cooperate with the best in their respective fields – the materials we use come from prominent German and Austrian suppliers. It is a given that all these materials meet high standards and certifications including Öko-Tex. These materials have a wide range of unique properties which guarantee maximum pet comfort in every situation.
The materials are processed by our skilled upholsterers. We rely on their precise craftsmanship and love for detail. Our products combine modern materials and manufacturing technologies with traditional handwork and individual approach to every product.



For the shape and construction of our products, we chose quality polyurethane foam. It has optimal cell size, which provides the required strength and long-term shape stability. The optimal air ventilation and necessary pet bed hygiene are ensured thanks to the foam’s breathability.
We use superior viscoelastic foam (often called memory foam) to provide maximum comfort. This foam reacts to body temperature and load which affect its properties. Thanks to the visco-foam’s structure, the surface of the pet beds and mattresses perfectly adapts to pets’ body curves and creates steady support in desirable places.
For our products manufacture we also use other construction materials, e.g. based on wood. Thanks to all these materials are our pet beds full-fledged furniture suitable for every interior.


Our pet team set a high standard for the upholstery material. However, we managed to deal with it. The fabrics and artificial leathers are a result of a long-term testing process. High resistance, stability, hygiene – all is ensured. The materials’ surfaces have dirt- and water-repellent treatment, which makes cleaning much easier. Common dirt can be wiped off with a wet cloth without leaving any visible marks. The pet beds have removable and washable covers for cases of more severe staining. You only need to use a gentle washing program.