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ABOUT US... or how it all started.

ABOUT US... or How It All Started.

It’s simple. We love our pet friends and we want the best for them. We live together with dogs as well as cats. Every one of them is unique, so we tried to create the ideal pet bed which would meet all their needs. With the creation of the first prototypes, we received much positive feedback from pets as well as people. This has been an incentive for us, so we decided to start providing a comfortable resting for other pets. In 2016, we started to develop our products and to iron out the kinks step by step to the last detail.




Klara graduated in interior and furniture design. Since then she has been designing and developing pet furniture. In our team, she represents the role of a designer. Klara's hobbies are painting, hiking, going for a walk with Cherry, photography and everything about design and beautiful things in life. She loves our pet team and designing furniture for pets.



Filip graduated in economics and management and is the business brain of our company. Besides animals, he likes everything that has wheels and an engine. Another great passion for Filip is tinkering, screwing, renovating and anything that can give his creativity free rein.



Cherry was born in 2008 and she is a Samoyed. In our team, she represents animal leader. Cherry's greatest hobbies are: going for walk, jogging and watching TV. She really enjoys scratching on her back and behind her ears. Cherry is unbeatably the furriest member of the entire team. Absolutely everyone loves her soft fur and Cherry can take advantage of it. She's incredibly smart and stubborn and it's always fun with her. She can easily manage commands like "sit", "lie" or "bark". She's our faithful friend.



Francis joined us in late 2015 when he was born into a family of noble Russian blue cats. Cuddling with this cat has literally therapeutic effects on us. He is a champion in making cute looks, that nobody can resist. He can be also pretty loud when he wants or doesn't like something. In our team, he represents the role of photo model and examiner of upholstery materials. He likes watching out of the window and checking what is going on outside. His passion is birds and he's always trying to catch them. His motto is: 'Someday I'll GOTCHA!'



Lilly was born in 2015 when she found her way into our family. She is the most beautiful domestic cat. Her blue eyes and soft fur are adorable. As a little kitten, she was ill, but she showed us that she can be a fighter and she got over it. Since then, she enjoys a happy and playful life. She loves romping in the garden and climbing on trees. No mouse can escape, that's why we sometimes call her 'Our Little Terminator'. Lilly is a gourmet and she is still checking if there is a treat in her bowl.



Dasty is the little (big) brother of Cherry and is a member of our big family. In FlairHound he represents the role of an external examiner and photo model. Dasty grew up with Cherry and they are both almost the same age. They often visit each other and go for a walk together. Dasty is a Bichon Frisé. He enjoys playing with his animal buddies and cuddling with his family.